Hailu Xu

Assistant Professor at California State University, Long Beach


Hailu Xu is a tenure-track assistant professor at California State University, Long Beach Department of Computer Engineering & Computer Science. He received his PhD degree from Florida International Univeristy School of Computing and Information Sciences (Advisor: Dr. Liting Hu) in Summer 2020. He obtained his master degree from Department of EECS (Advisor: Dr. Weiqing Sun) at University of Toledo in Summer 2016 and bachelor degree in computer science at North China Electric Power Univeristy in Summer 2014.

System, Data, and Stream

Hailu Xu's research focuses on systems with particular emphasis on online social spam detection, big data processing, and streaming processing. He designs and implements systems for analyzing social streaming data, handling security issues with social networks, recovering failures in streaming systems, and processing data in the cloud and edge environment.


I am actively looking for Computer Science/Computer Engineering Graduate and Undergradute students to join our group. Please feel free to send me your CV and unofficial transcript to my email address. Details can be found in this page. Students at CSULB can directly visit my office or send me an email if you are interested.

Active Projects

AutoFL: Automated resource allocation for distributed federated learning

SpamX: Next-generation system for efficient online scalable social spam detection


Aug 2022: One paper got accepted by IEEE ACCESS.

Mar 2022: Serve as Program Committee in the 30th ACMInternational Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM), please consider submit!

Feb 2022: Serve as a judge for 2022 Riverside County Science and Engineering Fair

Feb 2022: Recevied the Faculty Small Grant, thanks to CSULB and COE!

Jan 2022: Received Amazon EC2 Cloud Credits Award, thanks to Amazon!

October 2021: Serve as PC at ICBDB 2021, please consider submitting!

April 2021: One paper is accepted by ICOMP 21, congrats to Sophanna and Marco!

April 2021: One paper is accepted by The Journal of Supercomputing.

Latest Publications

  • Hailu Xu, Pei-Hung Lin, Murali Emani, Liting Hu and Chunhua Liao, "XUnified: A Framework for Guiding Optimal Use of GPU Unified Memory," in IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 82614-82625, 2022.

  • Hailu Xu, Macro Curci, Sophanna Ek, Pinchao Liu, Zhengxiong Li, Shuai Xu. "COS2: Detecting Large-scale COVID-19 Misinformation in Social Networks". 2021 International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD).

  • Sophanna Ek, Marco Curci, Xiaokun Yang, Beiyu Lin, Pinchao Liu, Hailu Xu, "Sentiment Analysis of Long-term Social Data during the COVID-19 Pandemic", The 22nd Int'l Conference on Internet Computing and Internet of Things.

  • Hailu Xu, Pinchao Liu, Susana Cruz-Diaz, Dilma Da Silva, and Liting Hu, “SR3: Customizable Recovery for Stateful Stream Processing Systems”, The 21st ACM/IFIP Middleware conference 2020 (Middleware 2020). (Accept Rate = 25%).